About Elise Jones Consulting

Elise Jones Consulting was founded in 2012 as a result of owner Elise Jones' passion and commitment to communicating via digital channels. After spending over a decade in the communications industry - PR, education, writing and social media - a business was born out of the reputation of Elise's work and passion. Elise's commitment to creating a presence on social networks to help expand awareness and engagement for individuals, causes and/or a business is the core of EJC's work.

About Elise Jones


Elise is a communications and social media professional with experience in a wide variety of industries including consumer brands, lifestyle and non-profits. She has implemented many campaigns via digital, print and broadcast platforms that have resulted in increased brand awareness in key audiences.

Presently, Elise is working with a variety of clients ranging from a start-up to a worldwide educational non-profit. In the past she has served as a social media consultant with a major multi-national media brand, published the home-design blog, Here In This House, and was the social media director and blog editor for Mommybites, the go-to community for quality parenting resources, support and education.


Services Offered


To build engagement and promote brands via social networks, Elise Jones Consulting offers the following social media and digital consultancy services for individuals, businesses and companies of all sizes:

Brand Positioning
Mission Statement Creation
Social Media Strategies and Management
Social Media Monitoring and Measurement
Brand Blog & Writing
Social Media Training
Social Media Community Development


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