Mommybites Green Parenting: A Bit of Eco Inspiration

I have the good fortune of being a part of a women’s eco-warrier group that includes 127 of the nation’s most inspiring, dedicated and active eco-conscious women. Our main goal of the group is to “believe in the movement and want to add to the conversation about green living and green activism.” I love this group not only for its inspiration but for the brilliant women that are a part of it who are working daily to make the world a greener place.

One of the eco-warriors that inspires and leads by example is Beth Terry. Beth runs a blog and has written a book both called My Plastic-Free Life. At first, it just seems impossible for anyone to be able to have a plastic-free life. Within arm’s reach of where I sit, there are at least 10 different items that have plastic in them and I have used all of them within the past hour. (Including this computer I am typing on!)

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Letting people see another way to be…we have the power to change the menu…and the world.

 Beth Terry