Green Child Magazine: How to Help Your School Have a Greener Classroom

After a summer of outdoor fun and quality time spent in the fresh air, it’s time to send children back into the classroom. It is a known fact that indoor air quality is at its all time lowest when classrooms are cleaned with traditional, chemical-laden, cleaning products. The bleach fumes and chemicals used to sanitize and clean schools are definitely not what you want your children to be breathing in. So what’s a parent to do?

Here are some ideas of ways to get greener cleaners into your child’s school and classroom:

  • Run a green cleaner drive and/or collection.
  • Ask teachers if they can put natural or green cleaners on their supply list.
  • Contact PTA or your school’s Green Team to get the word out about toxic cleaners and better alternatives. No, Green Team in your child’s school? Create one!
  • Talk to your school’s custodial team about green cleaners and different viable solutions for your school. This may take you supplying different green cleaners for them to test out.

To read the rest of this article, please visit Green Child Magazine's Fall 2013 issue found here.