Green Child Magazine: The More You Know Eco- World Oceans Day

As the days begin to warm and our thoughts drift to summer, many of us are planning our yearly vacations to the beach. The ocean seems to beckon us no matter how far we live from it. Yet, as we all know, the ocean has endured its share of horror stories: from oil spills to rising water temperatures to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. As a society we need to get better at reusing what we buy if we’re going to continue to enjoy our beaches and oceans.

Five years ago, the United Nations decided to designate a day each year in order to focus attention on the earth’s body of water that serves to connect us all. This day is called World Oceans Day and is celebrated annually on June 8. The goal of World Oceans Day to encourage everyone to get involved with ocean conservation in their personal lives, communities, and globally.

I spoke with Marieta Francis, executive director of Algalita Marine Research Institute, about her mission to protect the world’s oceans and her thoughts on World Oceans Day. Marieta and Algalita work tirelessly to protect the marine environment and its watersheds. Aligalita was founded by Captain Charles Moore who brought the world’s attention to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch after discovering it on a voyage in 1997.

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