Green Child Magazine: The More You Know Eco: Connecting With Nature

Earth Day is April 22 and it is a day marked to celebrate the earth and identify ways to protect the environment. One way we can extend our Earth Day activities is to take a vow to spend more time in nature. It’s one easy step that has many lasting benefits for both the environment and people.

According to Janice Swaisgood, Children & Nature Network’s National Coordinator of Nature Clubs for Families, here are some easy ways to connect with nature this Earth Day (and beyond):

  1. Explore nature in your yard or nearest nature area: turn over pots, snap pictures of living creatures and allow unstructured time to romp and connect.
  2. Attend a community Earth Day fair and learn about ways to protect the nature areas around your community.
  3. Gather a group of friends to play and learn in nature at a local trail or park.
  4. Pledge to join or start a nature club of your own. Check out this helpful nature club tool kit from Children & Nature Network.

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